Knowledge Into Skill

It is a fundamental process to build a country, economy and all together a nation with a sense of responsibility and accountability delivering high performance skill-based services. In-country High Performance Service must be valued and improved converting knowledge into skill set. Every nation is striving and thriving for this. We are not out of this race and journey with our little efforts without underestimating us Country Human Capital- ‘Our Youth, Our Demographic Dividend’.  

Knowledge is an Asset for an individual, Enterprise or corporate without denying the fact is that knowledge-based business, finance and investment are imperative for building a successful nation integrating socio-cultural-education-economical contexts with good governance.

Asset is identified and that asset must have a return within its useful life having well-maintained and managed in its utilization. Workplace be governed and managed by knowledge converting into skill, not only knowledge. Here it is thus needed to convert knowledge into skill for workplace to assure of appropriate return of asset at individual or enterprise or corporate levels severally and jointly forming industry as well as making industry efficient and productive.

Skill is a combination of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Awareness building itself in four pillars & perspectives –

| Planning | Organizing | Leading | Controlling |

| Product & Production | Marketing & Sales | Finance | Human Capital |

| Financial | Customer | Internal | Innovation |

Essentially Skill is a conversion of the knowledge into practice and application by example in workplace for achieving return of assets accelerating its excellences. It is driven by Human with optimum utilization and responsible consumption of Materials, Machine & Utilities following up continuously for improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Knowledge is merely a piece of paper without skill in business, finance & investment. 

Industry-scarcity is finding placement of skill-based people amongst the knowledge-based people in workplace. It is a much-talked buzz words in business, finance and investment world.

We, BHASKAR ACCOUNTING LAB, are for ‘You YOUTH’ to build you converting your knowledge into skill in aforesaid four pillars and perspectives with a quest of your right placement in your career journey ‘MTO to CXO’ in private services next generation business, finance & Investment exploring, extracting and accelerating your excellencies for the industry.  

Our industry-specific designed Bridge Course: ‘MTO to Manager’ highly application-oriented in the workplace is for you who are completed your academic journey or near to the completion of your graduation with a view to entering into jobs in private services.

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