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Our Compassion to Our Youth

Sustainability | Circularity | Digital
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Our Services, Systems & Solutions in the context of Sustainability, Circularity & Digital Business World & Accelerate Your Excellency with Us for enhancing Management Competency & Productivity

Convert Your Knowledge into Skills

Our Compassion to our Youth!!!

Converting knowledge into skills and the capability of its application & practice at workplace are pre-requisites at your job-position.  We are to make you for this offering our hands-on-experience bridge courses as a responsible senior having 33 years+ workplace experience placing you to the job market from MTO to CXO as a Human Capital, not merely a Human Resource with our much-needed advocacy of that organization’s core capital is the Human Capital, core competency is the human competency for next generation Business.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship is not a one-off training or workshop!!!

Mentorship is a revolving journey to build, groom, place & replace successor individual and team at workplace in a section, department or division of a business assuring of NO sudden vacancy or fear of losing skills in workplace with a goal to replace the position within the organization in sustainability and circularity context world of business. Our offered mentorship program is to facilitate and assure of you individual, enterprise and corporate to fulfill and enhance your management efficiency and productivity as are only game changer in your business. Today’s country business is needed to groom competent manager keeping the pace of continuous improvement embracing change requirements for achieving the goals.

Partnership Program

Partnership is a Journey-Work Together & Grow Together!!!

Partnership program is a program we are offering to the Universities & its Business Clubs, Business & Industry Chambers, Professional Organizations, Communities & Societies for mitigating much talked about industry-academia Gap with a view to preparing their students, members, business executives, industry people, communities for a responsible Manager for the new generation business with the concept of ‘Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn and Skill, Re-skill & Up-skill’ adapting with the disruptive technologies and innovation for enhancing efficiencies at every business process and positioning at the market for competitive advantages.


Counselling is not a Guidance, rather, it is a Therapy with rigorous Follow-up!!!

Our state-of-the-art counselling services are for the student-person from high school to university graduation path and thereafter the placement in workplace grooming for high performance delivery owning the works to the position of MTO to CXO, Entrepreneurs from enterprise to the corporate for its sustainable development in five pillars framework – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace & Partnership in conformity with the most essentials SDGs: SDG4-Quality Education, SDG8-Decent Work & Economic Growth, SDG9-Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG12-Responsible Consumption & Production directly related to the daily works in every sphere of life keeping the pace of continuous improvement of efficiency and productivity individually and collectively collaborating each other. “Sole development is never sustainable development”.

A journey, MTO to CXOs

We are to groom you with a requisite skill set for next-generation Business as an Integrator & Enabler


Integrate People, Process, Functions in Business, Finance & Investment Management in One Platform & System delivering the Best Efficiency & Productivity

— About Me

Hi, this is my privilege ‘To Serve You, as Your Servant Leader’

I do facilitate grooming Human Capital ‘MTO to CXO’ transforming them into their ‘Best Version’

I lead a team providing data-driven corporate management services to the textile and apparel industry. With over 33+ years of experience in diverse industries, I advocate for sustainability, circularity, and digital integration. Emphasizing a culture of continuous learning, I believe in breaking away from legacy silo mentality management systems and firefighting management.

My expertise lies in Total Quality Management across the value chain, aiming to enhance efficiency by 10-30%. I manage ‘Bhaskar Accounting Lab,’ mentoring and initiating youth development initiatives like “Shine Your Light” and “Explore, Extract, Accelerate Your Excellence” to address mid-level management needs in textiles and apparel manufacturing. Our focus is on nurturing the next generation’s business capabilities as an integrator, navigator and enabler.

Years +
at workplace

Build Manager

In Four Pillars Frame work

Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn from Us for Your Skill, Re-skill & Up-skills In Practice in the Workplace to accelerate your excellencies in the principle of Continuous Improvement & Lifelong Learning with NO Shortcut


  1. Achieve Excellence
  2. Lead Efficiently
  3. Manage People
  4. Coach Successfully
  5. Manage Projects
  6. Think Strategically
  7. Manage Budgets
  8. Understand Accounts
  9. Sell Successfully
  10. Market Effectively
  11. Understand & Harness ICT
  12. Build Sustainable Business-ESG

General Manager

  1. Develop a Leader Mindset
  2. Manage Yourself
  3. Manage Individuals
  4. Manage Teams
  5. Manage The Business
  6. Understand & Harness ICT
  7. Establish Data Integrity
  8. Change Management
  9. Move to e-Business

MTO to Manager

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Know Your Country
  3. Know Your Industry-Organization
  4. Essential Functions of Business
  5. Management & Manager’s Role
  6. Manage Your Career
  7. Understand & Harness ICT
  8. Move to e-Management driven by Data
  9. Adapt and work with Changes


Our Insights

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